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We are the Business Modernisation specialists

Many developers have technical knowledge, but are limited by their business experience. Panthos Labs have technical experts in Engineering & Design, and Business Strategy, Management & Administration. That’s what makes us different.

At Panthos Labs, we work with companies to find their technological weak spots, and provide solutions to move their business to the leading edge.

Headquartered in Brisbane, working worldwide.

Transforming businesses
with AI, ML, software, apps and analytics

Machine Learning • Web Apps •  Mobile App Development • Systems Integration • Interface Design • Digital product • AI • AWS • Consulting • Software development • Cloud architecture • App development • Power Apps/Platform • Talent uplift • Azure • Microsoft • DevOps • Flutter • UI Design • User experience design • Flutter • UX/UI • React • .NET • Cloud architecture • Systems Integration

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About Panthos

With a team of experts at your disposal, we're your digital deployment team.

Based in Brisbane Technology Park, Panthos Labs is  a seasoned team of experts, specialising in business modernisation with focus on cloud software, mobile & web app development, and data warehousing & analytics.

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It's time to think

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Next steps

Scale your business, launch your start-up app, capitalise on your data and secure your customer data ...

Enterprise solutions

An array of solutions that can be deployed to improve productivity, integrate systems, protect, or more effectively utilise data.

BI & Analytics

Collecting your data is the first step to making better decisions. The final and vital piece of data analysis is creating meaningful interactive reports or dashboards. These insights can inspire smarter business decisions and processes.

App Development

Scalable apps that run on Google's infrastructure. Serverless, secure and full stack support. It gets better. With App Engine on Google Cloud Platform, you only pay for the resources you use making it a highly affordable option.

Data Warehouse

Irrespective of the size and scale of your data, we can use BigQuery to build an enterprise data warehouse for you. Hghly affordable, scalable and secure. Its flexible billing makes it perfect for your big data needs.

AI & Machine Learning

The future is here. Leveraging Google’s growing suite of ML tools, we can help set up your data to tell stories you didn’t know were there. Ask us about ML options and how they can help your business.

Data Integration

Using multiple web services and data services is standard for modern businesses. We make understanding the data and telling a story from all different sources easy. With our API integration services, capture your data from multiple sources, transform for processing.

Cloud Migration

Your customer data should be stored securely. Migrate and modernise workloads on Google's global, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

Enterprise Solution Apps

Increase productivity and empower your employees with mobile apps that enable seamless collaboration and access to critical business tools, increasing efficiency and profitability.

Travel and Navigation Apps

Planning trips, booking accommodations, finding transportation, and navigating unfamiliar locations. Integration with GPS, augmented reality, and real-time updates on traffic and transit schedules are key features.

Finance and Banking Apps

Creating apps that allow users to manage their finances, make payments, transfer money, and invest in stocks. Security features such as biometric authentication and encryption to protect sensitive financial data.

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e-Commerce platforms

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers with machine learning, user-friendly, feature-rich and gamified interactions, increasing sales and revenue.

Dating & Social Media Apps

Creating apps for connecting with others, sharing content, and building communities. Features such as live streaming, short-form video, and niche interest groups are increasingly sought after.

Education & E-learning Apps

Respond to the surge in demand for online learning platforms and educational resources - virtual classrooms, language learning, skill development, exam preparation. Interactive content, gamification, and personalised learning paths.

Who We Are

A local team of data magicians

Based in South Brisbane, our diverse team of developers and consultants are ready to jump into action.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the IT sector, we have helped many businesses with traditional and big data, data management, business intelligence (including self-service BI and data visualisation), advanced data analytics, and data science. We are a team of expert consultants dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes with their cloud computing needs. 

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Your Local Software Developers

Making world-class software development accessible to local Australian Businesses.